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IoT Devices and Edge Gateway provisioning, Real-time analytics for Simulated and Virtually Emulated Devices
Speaker: Dr. Mohamad Khairi Ishak
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Time Length: ~60 Min
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Description: The advent of internet enabled small form factor computational devices have already revolutionized the way we fetch information, envision intelligent systems by inferencing real-time analytics from these IoT devices. The current trend is focused towards enabling IoT edge gateways as intermediary computational resources contrary to the cloud model that performs all the heavy lifting in the cloud. It is estimated that billions of IoT devices will be deployed by year 2020, however, very little to no information is present on ease of device provisioning. Similarly, the IoT Edge based vertical markets concepts has begun to surface, however, very little information is available that discusses the merits and demerits of this newly envisioned network architecture. This research aims to implement a Health-care domain scenario by provisioning and connecting real-time device data from simulated as well as emulated virtual IoT devices on industry leading IoT platforms. The results provide a deeper understanding of system performance by evaluating network latencies with increased payloads which further signifies the role and need for deploying Edge IoT gateways within the network. Device provisioning, service profiling and the ease of group resource management is also presented which helps to build larger scalable networks on these IoT platforms.
Speaker: MOHAMAD KHAIRI ISHAK received the B.Eng degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM), Malaysia, the MSc. in Embedded System, from the University of Essex, United Kingdom and PhD from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom. He is a member of IEEE and a registered graduate engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics Engineering at School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His background includes outstanding teaching experience at the Universiti SainsMalaysia, instructing students to stimulate engineering information interest and retention while invigorating classes through the use of new technologies and models.